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Hi,my name is Hanni Masnauli and now I want to tell you all about education .

Education is very  important things in our life. Education is not about a tradition . But, education is one of our needs, needs to survive in life, to make we can do the societies, and for living the life. And then, education is not only a need, but it what humans needs because we humans need life with another people so we must study. 

Teacher is busy on speaking, explaining the subjects or task without interruption. Students sit on their chairs, watching teachers explain the subjects in front of the classes, and just listening teacher, and keeping that action and write what the teacher write in board and i think that's so boring and system like that absolutely not good for students because student can not explore they mind. But that is what they call as a study I think Indonesia do this type education too.

Study is not about know the subjects . But , studying is a process of learning and understanding the meaning. An education must provide a chance for students to explore anything from a subject. Student has to be more active. Learning something and doing more things. Teacher must be a partner and facilitator of finding and understanding the knowledge. If students and teacher can get good deal so that is ideal education.The government must give facility for school example like in Indonesia,school in Indonesia have bad facility in school sothat's so manny child in Indonesia not school and not get knowledge .Step for ideal education:

Know  is Student should understand about the subjects abd something. Teacher should be more active and this is can develop students mind to knowing something. 

Do  After students can knowing about something they must be can do what they knowing in their life. Students must be more active so they can  ask and  many things on exercises. Students are must be can to apply their knowing and understanding of something, and they know the practice in real life it can be make students more active. Exercises, practicing, and doing some tasks are the point of this step. Students are prepared with some skills to solve the problems in real life.

Something is teaching student to be a human that have benefit for another people . Students are teach about the values of life and students know why they need education . Students are teach to find the meaning of their life, the benefit of their self, and the future that they want to be example like in the future they want to be doctor , soldier , and etc. Students are being prepared to be someone better, better for their life and others.

Live with another people or socialization  students to be someone in their lifesociety. Students are teach about the rules in life or in country and the benefit of living together. Sudents must be can to find their own meaning about living together, respect another people, and living in interdependence. Because humans is social creature so students must be life with another people not just study about lesson in book but they can do social things and because in work we not just smart but we must can talk active and do social things. Students are prepared to be someone useful for others with their knowledge and skills. Students are prepared to be someone who can combine among mind and heart.

Education in Indonesia  has worst education system. Because the system does not work as the planning and as well as it should. Education in Indonesia is compulsory under Government Regulations . Indonesia have level education that is :

Primary Education we have 6 years in primary school . The primary education after optional pre-school playgroups. This level education is in are government controlled.

Middle Education Junior high school is between primary education and senior high school or secondary education that may follow. It also educators to determine a possible future direction for their students.

Secondary Education This level is level before we go to colleges so we must be focus to study if we want to get university like we want.

Vocational Education Vocational training is mainly provided by private training colleges. Unfortunately this continues to occur mainly in the cities.

Ten countries with the best system education in the world (2015/2016) that is South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Finland, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Ireland, Poland

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