Rabu, 20 Januari 2016

My Last Holiday

Holiday in Trans Studio Bandung

Hi there, I’m Hanni Masnauli and know I want to tell you all about my last holiday . My last holiday when new year, I went to Trans Studio Bandung with all of my family. I went to Trans Studio Bandung my taxi because we know that the road was so crowded so we decided went to Trans Studio Bandung by Taxi. 

            I went to Trans Studio Bandung on 30 December 2015. When I arrived at Tranns Studio Bandung I’m very happy because I can played all games. First I bought ticket, I bought VIP ticket because I can played all games with easy and no to long for wait. First I took many photos there and I’m so happy because I can went to Trans Studio Bandung and played all of games. And unfortunely that was very crowded because I know this is holiday time. And then the first game I played was Giant Swing , woww that’s game so awesome I’m so scaried because I felt like fly. After that I played in Dunia Lain , I’m so afraid at there so many creepy photos make me feel bad and afraid. In Dunia Lain I always close my eyes so I didn’t  know Dunia Lain look like.

            After played in Dunia Lain , I choose to played roller coaster, wowwww that was so inhcredible I felt like fly and that’s make me so scaried . My mom felt so dizzy so we decided to break in restaurant,maybe that because we not have lunch first . So my mother decided to not played another games again . I and my sister choose to played Vertigo and that is the best games because woww that was very make me dizzy and I didn’t know what I’m look like after played that’s games. And then I played Dunia Raksasa games , first I’m not sure to played that games but I think I must played that’s games because I know if I’m not played all games I will dissapointed. When I want to played Dunia Raksasa games that was someone says to me “Look,VIP accsess very easily and they not waiting for long time “ she said that with bad looking . So, I’m not tell anything because this is the facilities if we bought VIP tickets. Wow this games make me felt fly again its like we drop from the sky to the earth very fast and that was very amazing. After that I felt so dizzy and I think I must go home now because I felt so tired and I’;m very need to rest . Before we went home , we went to Trans Studio Mall at there I and my family dinner in one of restaurant at Trans Studio Mall. After that we decided to went home because we know that the road was very very crowded and we must go 
home quickly. Before that I’m decided to Toilet and then I met my old friend from Cirebon . 

After that I went to home and we arrived at home at 08.00 p.m. After that I take a bath and the I decided to go to sleep quickly because I felt so dizzy and felt bad and exactly I’m so tired . I didn’t know what happen to me but in my dreams I played again all of games at Trans Studio Bandung and that’s make me felt bad when I woke up I felt very dizzy and tired OMG this is very bad to me. 

            And this is very the best holiday in my life because I can holiday with all of my family. Ok this is all about my holiday I hope you all happy to read story of my last holiday in December 2015. Byeee see yaaa.

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