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Dewa Athena

Hai, my name is Hanni Masnauli. I want to tell you about a sport competition that held in SMAN 3 Bandung. It’s called Dewa Athena.

Dewa Athena is a school activities that held every year. Then in 2016 that is my first time to participate in Dewa Athena. Dewa Athena is held by committee and OSIS .

This year Dewa Athena held in Thursday till Saturday ( 10 March 2016 – 12 March 2016). And that was so many games in Dewa Athena, example:
Futsal ( Men )
Futsal ( Women )
Gobak Sodor
Dodgeball ( Men )
Dodgeball ( Women )
Tarik Tambang
Badminton ( Men )
Badminton ( Women )

     Every class must attended all contest,if not attended that class must pay Rp 100.000 , because of that every class follow all the contest.

·         Day 1
Today is Thursday. And we must at Lapangan Bali at 06.30 because absent and that will be held opening of this event. When I arrived at lapangan bali that was so many student from X and XI. And then I met my friends and we go to the basketball field for attended the opening. After that the first even is every class must marathon, and that was make me so tired so I decided to just walking till back to school.
After that the competition was begin  and all class have they sequences so all play with their competition.
My class is X IPA 8 and this is the schedule competition on the first day :
1.       Gobak Sodor  : 08.25 – 08.45
2.       Badminton ( Women ) : 08.50 – 09.10
3.       Estafet  : 09.40 – 09.45
4.       Tarik Tambang  : 10.45 – 11.55
5.       Badminton ( Men ) : 11.45 – 12.05
6.       Futsal ( Women ) : 11.45 – 12.05
7.       Futsal ( Men ) : 14.15 – 14.35
8.       Dodgeball ( Women ) : 14.40 – 15.00
And then I go back home at 12.00 because I feel bad and decided to go home earlier.

·         Day 2
Today is Friday. Today student that attended is less so it look more quiet. But today is next step for my class to go to Semi Final. I’m so happy and spirited . Today my class not play all the competition because yesterday my class lost in Estafet and Futsal ( Men ). But it’s okay I till spirit and positive thinking.
Today that was volley competition and that was so amazing games and that so strain . My friends shout very loudly to make my friends spirit. And the result is… My class come to be winner but this is the first games not Final so we must more fight for win in the first place.
Today I go back home at 13.00 because I feel so tired.

·         Day 3
Today is Saturday. And today is the last day of Dewa Athena. Today is so make me strain because today is Semi Final . We try the best. But that was so many games that my class not going to final but, Badminton ( Men ) was lost , It’s okay because Badminton ( Women ) is going to final yeay…
Today I go back home lately that yesterday because I watched my friends play games in semi final.

Dewa Athena was not stop at 12 March that will be Final in April so my friends practice for Final and I hope my class can get the first place.

Okay this my story I hope all the readers can happy because my story.

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