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The Characters:
Farhan Fauzan as the poor kid (Main Character)
Felita Almira as the narator
Adisya Salsabila as Farhan’s Friend
Daffa Atalla as Farhan’s Friend
M. Ardian as The math teacher
Hanni Masnauli as The Concelling teacher
Salsabila Shofa as Farhan’s mother
Alif Miftah as Farhan’s father

Mathematics lesson in 3 Senior High Bandung is very difficult. And when the teacher teaches,Farhan feel bored and sleepy.Time by time, he doesn’t realize anything.

Math Teacher: Hey, wake up! So do you think this is your bedroom? I am explaining this lesson to you so you can do well when I held a test. Why are you sleeping?

Farhan: I’m sorry, Sir. I was so sleepy. I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

Math Teacher: That’s your problem, not mine. Now, wake up! We’re having a test today.

Farhan: Pardon? A test?

Math Teacher: Indeed.

    Farhan was panic. He didn’t study anymore. He hopes that his friends will help him to do a test. Because, everyone know that his friends is very clever.

Farhan: Disya, would you like to help me?

Disya: Help for?

Farhan: For the test! I wasn’t ready for the test. I didn’t listen when Mr.Ardi teaches. And I didn’t study yet.

Disya: Well, that’s your problem, Farhan. I won’t help you at this case.

And then, Farhan resigned. The last chance in his mind is cheating. He doesn’t want to has a bad score. Its to many bad score, so he doesn’t want it become worse.

Farhan: (looking at Adisya’s workpapper)

Atalla: (saw Farhan cheating)

Atalla : (stands up) Hey Farhan, what are you doing? Are you cheating? Mr.Ardi, he’s cheating.

Farhan : (panic) No, Sir. I didn’t cheat.

Math Teacher: He’s right. I saw you cheating.

(The Math Teacher tearing Farhan’s workpapper and taking Farhan’s motorcycle key)

Atalla : Farhan! I will report you to concellings teacher because you’re trying tp cheating to Adisya.

Adisya : Yes, I will do it too Farhan!!

Farhan : Oh, I’m sorry because I have been trying to cheating you, Adisya. I did it because I fell asleep last night so, I didn’t studying.

(And then, Atalla and Adisya going to the concellings room and report it to the teacher)

Atalla : Excuse me, miss. We want to tell you that there was a slick incident in our class today. Farhan was cheating to Adisya when the math test hold.

Adisya : Yes miss, he is true. He should be punished!

Concelling teacher : Ok, I want to talk with him now. Please call him to come here.

(Farhan is coming)

Concelling teacher : Farhan, are they true that you are cheating?

Farhan : Yes miss. I admit that I’m wrong.

Concelling teacher : To be honest, I feel disappointed to you. Mostly in every subject you’re not passed the minimum score. You’ll be threatened to take a short semester. Because it, I will call your parents to come here, OK?

(In a few moment, Farhan’s parents are coming)

Farhan’s mother: What happen miss until we were called to coming here?

Farhan’s father: Yes, what happen with my son?

Concelling teacher: So, your son is mostly in every lesson should take a short semester and today he was trying to cheat a math exam to his friends. Farhan should changes his bad habit to be diligent.

Farhan’s mother: Oh my God! Ok miss, I will reprove my son.

Farhan: I’m sorry mom, dad. I will study diligently from now. (crying)

Farhan’s father: Yes mom. He is promised. So, don’t be angry with him. (sad)

(And then, their parents go back)

(The bell is ringing. Farhan is going to ther parking lot)

Farhan: Ah, what  a bad day today. By the way, where is my motorcycle? (confused)

(At the moment, Farhan hears his motorcycle sound)

Math Teacher: This is the consequence for you! You will receive a short semester from me, Farhan!

(Mr. Ardi left him lonely and took Farhan’s motorcycle)

Farhan: Oh God, there’s to many problem you give to me today. 

(And then, Farhan decided for walking to go home with a sad face)

            When he arrive home…

Farhan: Mom, dad, I’m sorry. My motorcycle was brought by Mr.Ardi because I was cheating this morning.

Farhan’s mother: Oh Farhan, you make this family shy!

Farhan’s father: Stop mom! How pity he is!

(His mom still angry but his dad still trying to calming down)

(after that farhan back to his bedroom and brood)

Farhan : Why? What happen today? This is very long day. About the test, short semester , called into BK teacher room, I had many enemies, my motorcycle stolen. All of this enough for me. (I can’t hold it anymore)

   Because Farhan always bad condition. He want to Died. He called his best friends but his bestfriends reject his call.

Farhan : (stand up above chair suicided with hang himself) Mom,Dad,my bestfriends,my teachers bye. See you again in another place…

(the classroom atmosphere very noisy, Mr.Ardi still teach mathematics)

Farhan : (Wake up) Oh My God, Where am I? This the place after died? What happen here? It’s  seems like my world before.

Pak Ardi : Hey you wake up now!

Farhan : Yes sure Mr.Ardi I’m sorry. 
(OMG, so is just dream? I’m still alive ? Why the dream feel so real ?)

Pak Ardi : Ok students,ready for the test ok!

Students : OMG Mr.Ardi we are not ready for the test.

Farhan : (Stand up) Hey guys,we should ready and don’t cheating alright. This test can give us passion for more study hard if we get bad score.

Pak Ardi : (Smile)
  And then the test still begin and the result Farhan get score 64This is not good score but he is very happy because he get the score honestly.

Adisya : Wow Farhan.You’re amazing. BTW, Who teach you to speak like that?

Farhan : I get all from my dream,special dream…

(They go away from the scene)


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