Selasa, 18 Agustus 2015

Compliment Dialogue


Hanni's Birthday Party

Tyas   :   Hi , Salma!
Salma :   Hi , Tyas! 
Hanni :   Hello guys!
Tyas   :   Hello Hanni!
Salma :   Hi Hanni.
Hanni :   Welcome to my birthday party guys .
Tyas   :   Happy Birthday Hanni !
Salma :   Yes , Happy birthday Hanni!
Tyas   :   Wish you all the best.
Salma :   Yes , wish you all the best and keep the spirit!
Hanni :   OMG ! Thank you very much guys I'm so happy today.
Tyas   :   Oh yeah by the way , how old are you now , Hanni ?
Hanni :   I'm 15 years old.
Tyas   :   Wow ok.
Salma :   Hanni you have a nice dress and you so beautiful tonight!
Tyas   :   Yes that is very beautiful make up , I love it.
Salma :   Yes , I know who made this dress is a famous fashion designer , right?
Hanni :   Yes that's right, and my mom bought it for my birthday gift.
Tyas   :   Wow that's so amazing.
Salma :   Your mother very good at finding nice dress.
Hanni :   Thanks again guys, hahaha.
Tyas   :   Anyway, I bring something to you.
Salma :   Yes , I have something for you too!
Hanni :   Really ? What is it ?
Tyas   :   Here's your birthday gift from me !
Salma :   And this one from me.
Hanni :   Oh my God thank you very much.
Tyas   :   By the way , congratulations for your success on guitar competition !
Hanni :   How do you know about that ?
Salma :   Everbody in school talks about that.
Hanni :   Wow I'm surprised.  I don't know about that , I 'm so proud now and I think I'm famous now                 hahaha...
Salma :   Yes you right  congrats Hanni , you are great , I'm very happy because I become your                           friend.
Hanni :   Yes sure I 'm happy  too because you are my friend.
Tyas   :   Your performance so amazing Hanni .You are the best.
Hanni :   Wow thank you , I'm excited to hear that.
Salma :   Um , it's late now . I'm so sorry but I must go home now . Happy birthday again Hanni!
Tyas   :   I'm sorry to Hanni but I must go home now . I wish you all the best and see you soon !
Hanni :   But.. Ok that's fine but lets take a photo with me in my birthday party.
Salma :   Ok lets take a photo.
Tyas   :   Yes I'm ready for that.
Hanni :   Ok thanks guys for coming and thanks for your birthday gift guys.
Salma :   Yes you're welcome Hanni !
Tyas    :  You're welcome Hanni thank for your birthday party today.

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